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Bad Cat Lynx 50W EL34 2-Channel High-Gain Tube Amplifier Head

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Bad Cat Lynx 50W EL34 2-Channel High-Gain Tube Amplifier Head

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Quick Overview

Brand new 2023 Bad Cat Lynx 50W EL34 High-Gain Tube Head from authorized dealer The Axe Palace.

What makes a truly great modern high gain amp? This is what we contemplated when we set about redesigning the Lynx. Modern high gain players need tight low frequency that punches and reacts quickly to staccato palm muting. They need high frequencies that cut without being harsh or grainy. They need effective midrange shaping with complexity and articulation. The new Lynx meets, and exceeds, these demands.

The Lynx has two distinct channels and a massive 7 gain stages. Channel 1 is classic high gain which covers gritty clean to 80’s metal tones. Channel 2 is modern high gain with a massive sonic footprint yet it always remains articulate and revealing.

Further, it has been reengineered with a Lo/Hi switch to access a new type of gain stage topology not yet found in any other amplifier from Bad Cat. The Lynx is loaded with percussive, heavy, tight saturation and incredible string to-string note definition. Lastly, a highly effective, uniquely designed noise gate - patent applied for - is included along with a buffered active effects loop to run all of your pedals transparently.

From the beginning, the new Lynx was designed to be special and unlike anything else.


  • 50W - 2x EL34 in fixed bias class AB configuration

  • 2 channels, each featuring LO and HI gain modes

  • Channel-dedicated GAIN and VOLUME controls

  • Global BASS, MID, TREBLE, MASTER, and PRESENCEcontrols

  • Adjustable noise gate circuit - Patent Applied For

  • Buffered effects loop

  • Line-level output

  • 4x 12AX7 preamplifier tubes

  • Silicon diode rectifier

  • Custom hand-wound Bad Cat transformers

  • 2x 4Ω, 2x 8Ω, 1x 16Ω speaker outputs

  • Baltic birch ply cabinet

  • Factory finish: black carbon weave vinyl, black grille, blackpiping

  • Backlit logo plate

  • Compact footswitch included - channel selection and gainmode selection

  • Padded slip cover with embroidered logo included

5 years non-transferable warranty on amplifier and cabinet, 3 years on speakers, and 6 months on tubes Hand-built in Costa Mesa, CA USA



Bad Cat Lynx 50W EL34 2-Channel High-Gain Tube Amplifier Head. Built in Costa Mesa, California.