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Diezel Zerrer 2-Channel Preamp (No Power Supply)

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Diezel Zerrer 2-Channel Preamp (No Power Supply)

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Quick Overview

2 Channels of Diezel Aggression for Recording, Gigging, and Practice.


Diezel Aggression for Recording, Gigging, and Practice

Turn any amp's clean channel into a raging Diezel amplifier, with the Zerrer two-channel preamp/distortion pedal. Plug it into your favorite amplifier to transform it into a metal machine, or plug in headphones and use it as a practice amp. It's also a smart solution for direct recording, with a speaker-emulated pair of outputs to go direct to a mixing console or recording interface. Complete with two highly flexible channels and ample tone-shaping potential, the Diezel Zerrer preamp/distortion pedal is a powerful tool for modern guitarists.

Two channels of aggressive Diezel tone

Covering everything from clean to mean, the Zerrer preamp/distortion pedal is ideal for rock and metal. Both channels offer Treble, Middle, and Bass tone controls. Channel 1's gain ranges from clean to dirty crunch. Channel 2's gain ranges from heavy crunch to molten lead tones. Zerrer's high-quality footswitches offer access to channel switching and a bypass/mute function for silence between songs.

Ready to rock with or without an amplifier

The Diezel Zerrer is a great solution for turning any amplifier into a high-gain monster — just plug into the clean channel and use Zerrer for your gain and tone shaping. And you don't actually need an amplifier — a pair of speaker-emulated outputs allow you to connect directly to a mixing console or recording interface. You'll have less equipment to transport, and you'll be reducing excessive volume on stage or in the studio.

Presence and Deep controls for fine-tuning girth and bite

If you've played a Diezel amplifier, you know that the Presence and Deep controls are the key to developing your core sound, and the same goes for the Zerrer pedal. Use the Deep control to add girth to your tone, and it'll make your palm-muted riffs punch with authority. Use the Presence control to dial in just the right amount of attack and brilliance, or to tame overly-sharp guitars and pickups.

Effects loop and external switch support

The Zerrer pedal features an effects loop to integrate with your pedalboard. You can also connect a separate footswitch for control over the bypass/mute function if you prefer. 

Diezel Zerrer Preamp/Distortion Pedal Features:

  • 2-channel preamp and distortion pedal for electric guitar
  • Injects Diezel aggression into any amplifier
  • Ideal for recording direct, with speaker-emulated line-level outputs for mixers and recording interfaces
  • Headphone output makes it a great standalone practice solution
  • Treble, Middle, and Bass tone controls for each channel
  • Channel 1 ranges from clean to dirty, Channel 2 ranges from more dirty to over-the-top distortion
  • Presence control for adding attack and brilliance, or taming bright guitars
  • Deep control adds girth and low-end punch
  • Effects loop for integrating your pedalboard
  • Footswitches for Channel Select and Bypass/Mute

This pedal/preamp is in excellent condition.  However, it is an open box item and does not include any of the original packaging material. There is less than an hour of use in store.  Any signs of use are small and are from being moved around the shop without a box.