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ENGL E670FE Special Edition Founders Edition (EL34) - Purple Tolex

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ENGL E670FE Special Edition Founders Edition (EL34) - Purple Tolex

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ENGL E670FE Special Edition Founders Edition (EL34) in a custom Purple tolex: the ultimate 100-watt, all-tube high gain amp.


Introducing the ENGL Special Edition E670FE: The Ultimate High Gain Amplifier.

ENGL Amplification, Germany’s leading manufacturer of tube electric guitar amplifiers since 1983, is
extremely proud to announce the launch of the ENGL E670FE Special Edition Founders Edition: the
ultimate 100-watt, all-tube high gain amp.

The new E670FE is an updated version of Engl’s legendary E670 Special Edition. The Special Edition
amp spent years in the studios of Edmund Engl – the founder of ENGL amps – and was played by
many iconic professional guitarists, who all had their own unique thoughts and requests when it
came to tone and performance. Over the years, Edmund Engl and senior designer Horst Langer
tweaked the Special Edition multiple times, and now it is finally available – on ENGL’s 40th
anniversary year – to the public as an amp in ENGL’s standard portfolio as the Founders Edition.

The E670FE – supreme in a stunning black finish with chrome knobs and an in-your-face red-lit front
panel illumination – has been tuned and revoiced, but still retains the crushing tones that made the
previous Special Edition iconic. The amp, which features five ECC83 preamp tubes and either four
6L6 or four EL34 power amp tubes, delivers a massive range of sounds across its five channels
(Clean, Crunch, Lead I, Lead II, and Tubedriver) and nine voicings, from crystal-clear cleans to searing
high-gain distortion and everything in between.

The multiple sound-shaping options on board – ranging from powerful EQs and separate gain
controls on each channel to Gain Boost, Hi Gain, Mid Shift, Contour, Bright, Mid Edge, Modern
Classic, Mega Lo Punch, and Depth Boost switches, alongside a built-in Reverb – help make the
Founders Edition one of the most versatile amplifiers on the market. Perhaps the special pick of the
bunch is the Tubedriver channel, which bypasses most of the amp’s inner workings to offer the most
pure circuit and all-tube tones imaginable.

On top of that, the E670FE – which is handcrafted in Germany to the highest of quality standards
using only the finest components and materials – packs a wide array of practical features for the
demanding modern guitarist who accepts only the best. The amp is MIDI programmable, so players
can save their favorite settings in up to 128 presets with the use of an optional external MIDI
controller. There is also a threshold-footswitchable noise gate, a Power Tube Monitor, three tube
buffered FX Loops, a line output and multiple cabinet output options on board.
Edmund Engl, the founder of ENGL Amplifiers, said: “We're thrilled to introduce the E670FE Special
Edition Founders Edition. This amplifier is the culmination of our 40 years of experience in crafting
high-quality amplifiers that deliver uncompromising tone and versatility, and it is sure to take any
guitar player’s tone and performance to the next level!"

ENGL E670FE Special Edition Founders Edition – main features at a glance:

- Five Channels: Clean, Crunch, Lead I, Lead II, Tubedriver
- All Tube, 100 Watts
- Preamp tubes: 5 x ECC83 (12AX7)
- Power amp tubes: 4 x 6L6 or 4 x EL34
- Three Tube buffered FX Loops (Serial FX Loop, FX Loop I and FX Loop II are variable from
serial to parallel)
- Noise Gate with footswitchable threshold
- Power Tube Monitor
- MIDI In / MIDI Thru / S.A.C Port / Dual footswitch Jack
- Sound shaping options: Gain Boost, Hi Gain, Mid Shift, Contour, Bright, Mid Edge, Modern
Classic, Mega Lo Punch, Depth Boost
- Controls: Gain (separate for each channel), Bass, Middle, Treble (Clean, Crunch), Bass,
Middle, Treble (Lead I, Lead II), Reverb, Volume (separate for each channel), Presence A,
Presence B, Master A, Master B
- Controls (Rear): Noise Gate threshold level, FX Loop I Balance, FX Loop II Balance, Tube
Driver EQ
- Outputs: 1 x 4 ohms, 2 x 8 ohms, 1 x 8 ohms, 2 x 16 ohms, 1 x 16 ohms
- Line output
- Handcrafted in Germany