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ENGL Invader 100 Amplifier E642 100W Head (Pre-Owned)

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ENGL Invader 100 Amplifier E642 100W Head (Pre-Owned)

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Quick Overview

ENGL Invader 100 head with MIDI control. Pre-owned unit freshly retubed/serviced in good condition. This model has now been discontinued.


The ENGL Invader 100 Head with MIDI control -- one of the absolute finest amplifiers ever designed. Power, flexibility, intuitive controls, and a mesmerizing array of professional guitar tones like never heard before. This is what the Invader is all about. Spectacular cleans, warm bluesy tones, crunchy rock sounds, bone-crushing metal riffage, or liquidy lead tones, this amp has it all covered! With 100 watts of tube power at your diposal, the Invader rewards guitarists with a truly inspiring playing experience.

The Invader's high-gain performance is highly defined and precise, lows are deep and tight, and midrange roars without any frequencies clashing and mucking up the sound. The Invader is as much as instrument as an amplifier. The way it responds to your picking makes it truly fun to play. The Invader will never "fight" you or feel stiff. And its massive power ensures maximum headroom, effeciency, and lightning-fast response.

It goes beyond just having 4 diverse channels as well.  With its dual gain modes per channel and a Bright switch which interacts differently with each channel, the options are limitless. We will now explain how the Bright switch affects each channel:

Channel 1 -- with the switch on it adds a more chimey, acoustic-like sound. Here is your typical bright switch. With it off, a warmer and bloomier clean tone is had.

Channel 2 -- here this acts more as a Vintage/Modern voicing switch. With it disengaged, its more vintage and sweet sounding in the mids. With it engaged, a more scooped and aggressive sound enters the mix. In other words, on channel 2 alone you can get two completely distinct voicings!

Channel 3 -- completely different than the previous two channels, here the Bright switch acts as an upper midrange boost. Engaged you'll get a more throaty midrange snarl and slightly richer harmonics ideal for leads. With it disenaged, it has a more polished, punchy, insanely tight high-gain rhythm sound. Starting to see how this is not merely a four channel amp now?!?

Channel 4 -- on this channel, the Bright switch acts more as a simple presence boost. This is more subtle than on channels 2 and 3, and this being engaged does not greatly alter the tone of this chanel. 

As you are surely beginning to surmise, the Invader offers a TON of different sounds at your fingertips. The good news for those of us who ARE NOT tweakers is that the Invader is extremely simple to dial in. Nearly all amp settings sound great. You can set everything at "12 o'clock" and likely you'll be about ready to roll. It is nearly impossible to dial in a bad sound on this amp.

And for those who perform live, every single function on the Invader is easily controlled and programmed with the optional MIDI floor board. We recommend the ENGL Z-12, but the Z-9 also works -- as will generic MIDI boards (but won't benefit from the phantom power feature ENGL ones enjoy). Contact us for special pricing if ordering the amp with one of their fantastic cabinets.

The Axe Palace is an authorized ENGL dealer.


4 channels. four 3-stage EQs incl. logarithmic treble curve, Bright switch for Channels 1 and 2, separate Gain and Volume controls for each channel, Hi / Lo Gain switch, Noise Gate with threshold adjust, 2 parallel FX loops, 4 x ECC 83 / 12 AX 7 preamp tubes. Tuner out activated via standby switch.

Master Section:
100 watts (4 EL34 tubes), Master A / B switch, Presence and Depth Punch control for power amp soundshaping, electronic tube protection circuit and powertube monitoring system.

MIDI IN / THRU, jack for ENGL Z-9 footswitch, jack for ENGL Z-4 / Z-3 footswitch, 2 x FX Send, 2 x FX Return, 2 x FX Balance, preamp out / tuner, line out / power amp, speaker outs 2 x 4, 2 x 8, 1 x 16 ohms

MIDI programmable functions at a glance, storable in any combination as required:
Channel switching, Master A / B, Bright, Hi / Lo Gain, FX Loop 1 and 2, noise gate, amp mute (tuner)

Dimensions & Weight:
71 x 27 x 29 cm, 23 kg