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ENGL Powerball II Amplifier E645/2 100W Head Black

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ENGL Powerball II Amplifier E645/2 100W Head Black

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Quick Overview

ENGL Powerball 2 100W Tube Ampllifier Head in black. All the versatility and functionality of ENGL's Powerball II now comes in a new, clean, sleek look. 100 watts of 6L6 power. 4 channels, each with independant gain and volume controls.  EQ 1+2: Bass, Mid, Treble-Clean, Treble-Crunch. EQ 3+4: Bass, Mid, Mid-Boosted, Treble.  Master Presence and Depth Controls.  2 Foot-switchable Master Volume Settings, Foot-Switchable Mid-Boost, Built-In Noise Gate.  Read below for full details and descriptions.



The ENGL Powerball II -- A no compromise, versatile rock/metal amp that showcases the sonic evolution of ENGL sound. From crystal clean, to crispy crunch, to tight fat rhythm, to punchy lead sounds with a deep bottom end to satisfy the needs of the modern guitarist. Rich harmonics and fast attack delivered by special built transformers to cut through on any stage or recording situation. 

The Powerball II really shines when you need to cut through a dense mix, either on-stage or in studio, without turning your guitar tone into a harsh, buzzy, mess. It has lightning fast response, smooth mids and bright attack. While not as warm as the Invader or Savage models, it has a deep bottom end and ferocious bite. The Powerball II also hosts a ton of practical features like two master volume settings (which are foot-switchable) for using the same EQ and channel settings when you just need a volume boost. There's also a built-in noise gate and mid boost (both foot-switchable) and ENGL's Power Tube Monitoring system.

You will need the ENGL Z-9 MIDI footswitch to control all the features of the amp, which you can purchase right here along with the amp.


 100 Watts output power, 4 x 6L6GC power tubes and Four ECC83 (12AX7) preamp tubes

 4 channels: Clean-Channel 1, Crunch-Channel 2, Lead-Channel 3 and Lead-Channel 4 all with independant Volume and Gain Controls

 EQ system Clean and Crunch: Bass, Middle, Treble-Clean, Treble-Crunch

 EQ system Lead-Channel 3 and Lead-Channel 4: Bass, Middle or Middle-boosted, Treble

 Master A and B controls for different output volume settings

 Bright and Bottom sound switches for Clean and Crunch

 Speakers Outs for 1x16 Ohm, 2x8 Ohm, or 2x4 Ohm 

 Limited Edition White Tolex with Blue LED's light the box for a distinctive look on stage, along with a silver front grille and logo.

 ENGL S.A.C. Port to accept the Custom z-9 Footpedal (channel switching plus FX Loop, noise gate, mid-boost etc) 

 Presence and Depth Punch controls in the Poweramp Stage

 Built-In Noise Gate (including threshold control) can now be activated via footswitch (On/Off)

<• Electronic Power Tube Monitoring system (P.T.M.) with LED indication (new version)