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Ibanez Prestige MM1 Martin Miller Signature Model (Transparent Aqua Blue)

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Ibanez Prestige MM1 Martin Miller Signature Model (Transparent Aqua Blue)

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Ibanez Prestige MM1 Martin Miller Signature Model (Transparent Aqua Blue). A stunning signature AZ model, featuring Gotoh locking tuners, Gotoh T1802 trem system, mahogany body, roasted maple neck and fingerboard, luminlay side dot markers, stainless steel frets, and Seymour Duncan's Hyperion Pickup set (Hum-Hum).

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Ibanez Prestige MM1 Martin Miller Signature Model (Transparent Aqua Blue).  Featuring Gotoh locking tuners, a Gotoh T1802 trem system, african Mahogany body, roasted maple neck and fingerboard, and Seymour Duncan's Hyperion Pickup set (Hum-Hum).

The Ibanez MM1 is the signature model for German guitar virtuoso Martin Miller. Its resonant African mahogany body is capped with gorgeous flamed maple. Its Seymour Duncan Hyperion humbuckers preserve your clarity when you're using distortion, while its dyna-MIX 10 switching system provides 10 different pickup combinations for an endless well of sounds. Benefit from unprecedented comfort and stability, thanks to the MM1's S-Tech Wood roasted maple neck and fingerboard. Bend, twist, and dive-bomb with perfect intonation, by virtue of the MM1's Gotoh T1802 tremolo. Part of Ibanez's upscale Signature line, the MM1 is a top-shelf instrument.

In launching the AZ series, our aim was not to merely create a completely new guitar model, but to sculpt a great guitar that can foster the potential of the modern ‘third phase’ while maintaining traditional elements. Even though Ibanez is thought of as a modern guitar brand, we have decades of accumulated knowledge and a history of pushing boundaries. The AZ series carries with it all of the hallmarks of these tried and tested Ibanez qualities: the smooth oval neck grip, the well balanced asymmetrical body shape, and a neck heel that allows unrivaled playability. It also features details such as a new tremolo bridge, as well as new pickups developed in collaboration with Seymour Duncan®. All of these elements help the AZ push the existing boundaries of playability and sound even further. At first glance, the AZ series may seem like an enigma to some. The magic of this new series is not something that may be apparent by just visual observation. The magic, however, does become instantly apparent once an AZ model is played. The AZ series represents the future of guitar playing and we welcome you to play one and see for yourself.

- Mr. Ibanez Probably

AZ Modern Oval C S-TECH WOOD roasted maple 1pc neck
S-TECH treated Maple was used for the AZ’s neck construction, a first. Its nitrogen-heating treatment increases the wood’s stability, durability, water resistance and tolerance of temperature changes. After extensive prototyping and trials, we concluded that 20.5mm thickness at the 1st fret and 22.5mm at the 12th fret was the optimal neck thickness for this process. The neck was then sealed with an oil finish, making it feel similar to a well-played guitar neck.

Neck Grip
In order to achieve supreme neck grip comfort, the fretboard edge was finished with a smooth curve that extends from the border between the fretboard and the neck to the surface of the fretboard. The detailed neck shape was precisely carved using a ball mill for ultimate consistency. The width measurements of the fretboard are 42mm at the nut and 57mm at the last fret. These dimensions allow for an easy grip in the lower register, and a more modern feel in the higher register.

Body Design
The AZ's shallow back body contour and big forearm contour lets the guitar's body fit the player naturally, thus increasing playing comfort. The AZ body has a deep waist and different radii on each body edge curve (3 mmR on body top/8 mmR on body back), making it easier to play in both standing or sitting positions.

Seymour Duncan® Hyperion™ Pickups
The AZ's custom Hyperion™ pickups were developed in collaboration with Seymour Duncan. Hyperion™ pickups feature a moderate output through Alnico-5 magnets to keep the clarity of the fundamental tone when using a distortion sound and deliver a clear pick attack. From treble to bass, and from high-E string to low-E string, the overall tonal balance is evenly adjusted, and works well with various effect pedals.

Dyna-MIX 10 w/Alter switch
The Dyna-MIX 10 offers nine sound variations, and can easily switch between humbucker and single coil modes with just a flick of the mini switch. The power Tap mode provides a realistic single coil sound despite its two humbucker pickup layout.

Ibanez T1802 Tremolo Bridge (made by GOTOH®)
The new T1802 Bridge, a collaboration between GOTOH® and Ibanez, features machined titanium saddles and a machined steel tremolo block for a quick response, thick lows and rich highs. The 10.5mm string spacing allows for easy picking across strings, including techniques such as string skipping and hybrid picking. The snap and hold tremolo arm socket makes it easy to load a tremolo arm, and the arm torque adjuster enables fine torque adjustment without any tools. The 2-point floating tremolo system allows for a super smooth tremolo motion when either raising or lowering the pitch.

GOTOH H.A.P®-M machine heads
The AZ comes with GOTOH® MAGNUM LOCK® machine heads, which have an established reputation for tuning stability. Its H. A. P® (Height Adjustable Post) system allows for the adjustment of string posts for the appropriate tension of each string.


Model: MM1 Martin Miller Signature 
Finish: Trans Aqua Blue (TAB)
Body Material: African Mahogany with Flamed Maple Top
Neck Material: S-Tech Wood Roasted Maple
Neck Type: AZ Oval C (20.5mm @ 1st fret, 22.5mm @ 12th) Oil Finished
Frets: 22 Stainless Steel Jumbo with Prestige fret edge treatment
FingerboardS-Tech Wood Roasted Maple
Inlay: Black Dots
Position Markers: Luminlay Side Dots
Fingerboard Radius: 12" (305mm)
Scale Length: 25.5"
Bridge: Gotoh T1802 (2-point Floating Trem)
Hardware: Gotoh Magnum Locking Tuners
Pickups: Seymour Duncan Hyperion set (H-H)
Electronics: 5-Way Selector 
Other Features: Mini-Toggle "Alter" Switch (changes the coil-tapping options for a total of 10 unique combinations)

Includes Ibanez M20AZ Hardshell Case

At the Axe Palace, all of our Ibanez guitars come with a FREE professional "Deluxe" setup tailored to your individual tuning and string gauge preferences. The deluxe setup includes: action, intonation, trem angle, truss rod adjustment, smoothing out fret-edges if needed, addressing any nut or bridge shim issues if needed, polishing the frets if needed, as well as fingerboard conditioning. In other words -- the works. All from our experienced luthier/tech who does incredible work and understands what today's players demand from their instruments. 

Of course, for those of you who want an untouched, new-in-box guitar, we can accomodate you too. Our deluxe setup is completely optional, but absolutely free and highly recommended. We also offer optional pickup selections and other special requests. Give us a call at 508-921-9973 or contact us through the website for any questions.