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Ibanez PIA3671C BLP Steve Vai Signature Blue Powder (IN STOCK)

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Ibanez PIA3671C BLP Steve Vai Signature Blue Powder (IN STOCK)

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Ibanez PIA3671C Steve Vai Signature in Blue Powder (BLP). Now shipping.

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Ibanez PIA 3761C in Blue Powder

The Ibanez PIA3761C Steve Vai Signature is an evolution of the JEM, Vai's groundbreaking guitar first released in 1987. Three years in development, the PIA (Paradise in Art) features a contoured alder body with a “Petal Grip,” DiMarzio pickups with baroque-style covers, Edge tremolo with a carbon fiber whammy bar and an intricate “Blossom” inlay spanning the fretboard. Vai calls the PIA a “more organic, more comfortable” instrument. It’s ideal for precision players who can exploit the advanced electronics and appreciate the balanced design of a guitar made for a modern-day master.

The PIA's Sculptured Body

With more rounded contours than the JEM, the PIA has an added degree of playing comfort, as well as a softer look. The new "Petal Grip" mirrors the contours and makes an artistic statement about balance—reflecting both a stylized version of the traditional Yin/Yang symbol and the blossoming of a flower.

A Fast Neck Profile

To enable classic Steve Vai pyrotechnics, the 5-piece maple/walnut neck features a slim, fast profile.The rosewood fingerboard bears an echo of the flower motif of the new grip with a beautiful multi-color, blossoming vine inlay. The 24 jumbo stainless steel frets are given Ibanez' Prestige fret edge treatment for the smoothest possible playing experience.

New Vai Signature DiMarzio Pickups

The new DiMarzio UtoPIA pickups are unique to the PIA. The design underwent rigorous sonic testing and reformulation by Vai until the voicing of both the bridge and neck humbuckers and the middle single-coil pickup delivered exactly the tone and response he desired. A push/pull high-pass tone filter serves to increase the tonal versatility. The intricately filigreed pickup cover adds to the overall vibe of the guitar.

Classic Hardware for Familiar Response

A flexible, well-balanced tremolo has been an integral part of Steve Vai's playing style since the first JEM hit the streets. The PIA boasts the latest version of Ibanez' Edge locking tremolo system with a carbon fiber bar and a locking nut for serious stability, no matter how extreme your whammy bar use may get. Aesthetically, the gold finish matches perfectly the sophistication of the rest of the guitar.

For the technically inclined rock/shred/fusion player, the Ibanez Steve Vai Signature PIA is a superb choice. From its stunningly unique looks to the quality of fit and finish, this guitar was designed to enable the most daring flights of fretwork with an extraordinary range of tone and inflection. For full protection, the guitar includes a deluxe hardshell case.


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