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The Axe Palace is Now Offering Guitar Lessons

There are so many different approaches to learning guitar.  We are here to find what works for you.  Whether you want to strum chords, figure out how to sweep and tap, or learn why nobody likes the locrian mode, we will improve the way you see yourself as a musician. 

  • 1 on 1 Guitar Lessons in a Professional Studio Setting

    • We belive that a comfortable environment makes learning guitar all the more enjoyable.
    • Somtimes simply being surrounded by nice instruments can inspire you.


    • Customized Lessons Based on what is Important to yYou

      • Learn Chord Structures and Scales
      • Develop Guitar Technique
      • Explore General Music Theory
      • Learn Songs
      • Train Your Ear
      • Song Writing and Composition
      • Performance Techniques


  •  Friendly and Knowlegeable Staff

    • We have learned a thing or two in our own experiences as players and we would love to help you reach the next level of playing. 
    • We value the self-taught guitarist as much as the classically trained, and we are confident that we can progress guitarist of all skill levels.  

A Little About Our Teachers

Starting as a self-taught guitar player I recognize that every bit of information about music, theory, and technique is available if you are willing to look for it.  I would learn anything I could from friends, guitar magazines, and the internet.  I tried a couple different private instructors, but I wasn't interested in what they wanted to teach me.  I was learning, but it was slow and inconsistant.  Eventually I went to study music in college and realized the biggest difference in these lessons came from the the fact that I could decide exactly what I wanted to learn.  I also realized that someone else has already put in hours of practice to make sense of a musical idea or to develop a technique, and I could use their knowledge base as a better starting point, sort of a musical shortcut.  With over 15 years of playing experience I have a lot of these shortcuts to offer.


Lessons can be booked as single sessions or paid in advance at a discount.  You can also choose to take lessons on your schedule, either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Single 45 Minute Lesson   -------- $40

Four 45 Minute Lessons     -------- $120 ($30 each)

We want taking lessons to be something you look forward to every week, but we understand that life happens and sometimes you have to cancel.  We appriciate timely notice and are always willing to reschedule a make-up,  but you will never have to pay for a lesson you don't receive.

Call us at (508) 921-9973 or email with any questions.  Or feel free to stop by the shop anytime.