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Guitarmory Pickups Foxbat 8-String Set Open Coil Black

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Guitarmory Pickups Foxbat 8-String Set Open Coil Black

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Ruthlessly Diverse and Monstrously Articulate. Open Coil Black, Double Row of Chrome Screws, 4 Conductor Wiring, 8-String Passive Mount. (Direct Mount Tabs)


Guitarmory Foxbat 8 String Set in Open Coil Black Gloss bobbins with a double row of Chrome Screws.

The Foxbat set is the definition of versatility and a master of progressive genres spanning the entire spectrum. Whether it’s a light and ambient effects-driven soundscape, chord-motivated leads, or a colossal and speed-oriented subgenre of metal, this set will capably follow you there. The Foxbat brings dynamics in heaps into your guitar playing. Even slammed with a compressor, the subtle changes brought through manipulating a volume or tone knob can't be overlooked. The articulation found in this bridge proves extraordinarily beneficial when it comes time for that extended run of sweeping or legato shredding. Time to hit that complex palm-muted section? Let the staccato nature of the bridge shine with its precision and quick attack that clings to each note. Now go move on to a huge chorus section with chords bursting at the seams. Hear every nuance of what you're playing regardless of your place on the fretboard.

Selecting the ceramic option for the neck will keep that lead work tight while adding a thick character that just isn’t possible to get from anything in the bridge position. It also matches the bridge with its love and aptitude of separating chord notes in any voicing. It is the noteworthy addition of layers and layers of articulation that will keep any player coming back for more.


DC Output (Bridge): 13.2k
DC Output (Neck): 9.0k
Output: Medium

(Direct Mount Only) These pickups will not properly mount with pickguards or pickup rings.