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Guitarmory Pickups Minute Man 7-String Set Open Coil Black

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Guitarmory Pickups Minute Man 7-String Set Open Coil Black

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Ambient Dreams Converge with Lucid High Gain, at least that's what the kids tell me. Open Coil Black, Double Row of Nickel Screws, 4 Conductor Wiring, 7-String Passive Mount. (Direct Mount Tabs)


Guitarmory Minuteman 7-String Set in Open Coil Black Gloss bobbins with a double row of Nickel Screws.

For deep, heavenly, vibing effects and tube screaming high gain situations, you will find your needs met with both the neck and bridge of the Minuteman set. Lush and crispy cleans with controlled and well-defined distorted tones are the premier abilities of this set. The Minuteman is the direct result of feedback from modern, progressive-style guitarists seeking a moderately high output pickup that is centered on providing clarity, a unique and focused mid-range voicing, and some of the best string-to-string note definition possible, in both high gain and clean applications. (Yes, they djent.) The bridge pickup allows for higher preamp gain while keeping the rhythm work tight and pronounced. The strong mid-range presence and exceptional reception to changes in picking technique are noteworthy attributes of the bridge. Brilliant clarity is heard in every note, whether the amp is dimed or rolled back clean.

In the neck pickup, you will find a focused tone that sits on the brighter side of the tonal spectrum. The specific wind and magnet configuration do exceedingly well at alleviating the muddiness often found in distorted tones while also keeping that "neck-position" sound and pushing out crystalline clean tones.

These are marked as "Aged Nickel" Screws, however, they do not appear to be aged, they are dull compared to their standard chrome poles, but do not show rust or actual aging.


DC Output (Bridge): 14.1k
DC Output (Neck): 10.2k
Output: High
(Direct Mount Only) These pickups will not properly mount with pickguards or pickup rings.