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RedSeven Duality 50w Red Stealth 6L6 Tube Amplifier Head

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RedSeven Duality 50w Red Stealth 6L6 Tube Amplifier Head

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Quick Overview

The RedSeven Duality 50 "Red Stealth" 2 Channel 50W Tube Amplifier. Built by hand in Italy using only the finest custom transformers and components. A versatile, powerful, yet compact amplifier that delivers superb clean, crunch, and heavily overdriven guitar tones along with MIDI programmability.


Duality is a combination of our knowledge of tone, in a super compact and transportable format. Duality has two channels. One three-dimensional clean channel, inspired by the most famous vintage single channel amps and one rich, harmonic distorted channel with multiple gain stages that makes it one of the most versatile amplifiers on the market today. Duality represents the cutting edge and can be used in any context and in any genre, covering any sound between the crystal clean and the most thorough lead.

DualityRS, introduced in early 2022, is a modified version of original Duality’s circuit. Due to its popularity, it’s now available and orderable from our catalog, anytime.
The mod consist in an overall increased saturation level, more pronounced top-end and a more compressed sound.  All variations from original design are exclusively to CH2 (distorted channel), while CH1 (clean channel) still the same.

Power amp section also is loaded with 6L6s tubes, instead of EL34.
New front grill and black knobs are aesthetic differences to recognize RS version from the original one.

    • Channel 1: clean sound inspired by the early ‘60s single channel amplifiers. Volume, treble and bass, a switch for mid frequencies and a bright switch. Simple and functional controls;
    • Channel 2: multi-stage distortion, true sonic nirvana. From the vintage ‘70s crunch tones to modern hi-gain in a single channel. Volume, treble, middle, bass, gain, bright, vintage / modern mode, and lead boost;
    • High-voltage buffered effects loop; Double Master volume, for two steps of volume;
    • MIDI communication (PC and CC) with intelligent internal saving;
    • 50W of total output with EL 34 or 6L6 of your choice;
    • Power and signal transformers designed by our specifications, made in Italy;
    • Entirely designed, created, produced and assembled by hand in Italy by RedSeven Amplification;
    • 46 x 24 x 24 cm in just 13 kilograms