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Tech Services

The Axe Palace offers a wide array of professional guitar tech services for our customers. Whether you are just after an incredible setup or require a more complex job, our in-house tech is a licensed luthier who can do just about anything. We charge very reasonable rates and offer a quick turn-around time. He is also an excellent guitar player who understands what today's players demand and can accomodate anyone's needs.

Below is a partial list of the services we offer. For anything you don't see listed, please email us or call 508-921-9973 and we'll get you an estimate. We are located in Walpole, MA – a short drive from Boston as well as Providence, RI. We also welcome customers to ship us their guitars as well if you're not local. We will pack with great care and of course insure every package. 


Standard: $65 

Everything you need to have your guitar play as well as it possibly can. Includes fingerboard cleaning, fret polish, fingerboard conditioning, truss rod adjustment, action and nut height adjustment, intonation and hardware check. We also wipe down the guitar body, neck, and headstock.

Advanced: $75

This is for guitars that require a little more work to fine tune. Floyd Rose bridges, 8-string or 12-string guitars, 6-string basses. This includes shimming floyd rose saddles when needed to beter match the radius.

Additional Charges for Set-ups

Non-accessible truss rods:  $85  (ie; having to remove the neck to adjust the truss rod)

Evertune bridges:              $90

Kahler Bridges:                  $20,000  (okay, $85) 

If more than 3 nut slots require filling and/or cutting an additional charge of $10 will be applied and will cover the entire nut being adjusted.


Additional Services added on to Set-Ups.  

These are not recomended to be done without a set-up, so the prices here are add-ons.


Shim Neck: +$15 (We make custom tappered wooden shims to ensure your neck maintians proper contact with the body and wont casue any long term damage to the neck heel or pocket)


Blocking Bridge Trem

Single Block : + $30 

Double Block: + $40

Tremol-no Install: + $15  ($25 if installed without a set-up)

Nut Work

New Nut     (Prices do not include a set up)

From Blank   :  $70 

Premade nut :  $25

12-String nut:  $120

Fill and Re-cut Slots: 

First 2 Slots:   $10

Each Additional Slot: + $5

Shim and Re-cut: $30

Cut Nut Slots: $10 each (included with set-up)

Lower Locking Nut Shelf: +25  ($10 with set-up)




Pickup Installs:

1 Pickup :    $45

2 Pickups:    $60

3 Pickups:    $75

Additional Charges with Pickup Installs

Passive/Active Rewire:   $50 

Drill for Bridge Ground:   + $15

Replace Jack:                  + $15

Replace Pots during a Pickup Installation: (does not include cost of parts)

Standard Pot:                   + $15  ($10 for each additional one)

Push/Pull (or push/push):  + $25  ($15 for each additional one)


New Potentiomer Installs

Standard Pot:  $30 (+$15 for each additional)

Push/Pull Pot: $35  (+ $20 for each additional)


Mini Switch:                     $25

Mini Switch (Advanced):    $35 (this is for multipole mini switches used for polarity and phase switching)

3-Way Toggle or Blade:     $35

5-Way Standard Switch:    $40

5-Way Super Switch:         $50

Arcade Button Killswitch:  $50 (includes cost of resizing or drilling a new hole to fit the switch)

Resoldering or Replacing Jacks, Pots, Switches, Caps, etc: $25  (+$10 each if done with other work)

Clean Electronics: $25 ($10 with pickup install or set-up)

Sustainer system, Piezo system, or other custom electronic jobs:  These default to our hourly shop rate. Contact us for estimate

(A flat rate fee may apply if routing is required.  Prices do not include the cost of parts)



File Fret Ends

Bolt-Ons: $30   ($20 with set-up)

Set/Thru: $35   ($25 with set-up)

Fret Level and Crown: $150 (Includes a full set-up)

Full refret:

-- Bolt on guitars ... $300
-- Set neck and neck-thru guitars ... $350

-- Finished Maple Neck ... $350

Bound fingerboard:    + $30

Stainless Steel Frets: + $50

Refret Individual Frets: Contact us for estimate


Other Services 

Install Strap Buttons:                       $25  ($15 with other work)

Dowel and Re-drill Strap Buttons:  $25  ($20 with other work)

Install Tuners:                                   $25  ($15 with Set up)      This is for drop-in replacement tuners

Install Tuners (advaced):                 Billed Hourly                     This is when drilling, filling, resizing or refinishing is needed

Satin finish a neck: Lightly sanding down a painted neck to achieve a silky-smooth feel … $20

Neck Reshaping: Involves reshaping your neck to improve ergonomics and desired feel   … starting at $200

-- Hand oiled finish +$15

Installing strap buttons: Upgrade to straplocks, etc. ... $20

Installing tuning machines: Upgrade to locking tuners, etc
... $35 


Hourly Flat Rate: $75 

Applies to non-standard requests and labor intensive work such as fingerboard scalloping, routing, neck sanding and neck shaping. If you dont see a price listed here it will default to the hourly rate.

Minimum Bench Fee: $25 

 This is only for work done, estimates are free.

Same Day Fee: + 50% of the main labor charge

This greatly depends on our current tech que, and our customers' needs. Please call us to confirm that this is even a possibility before you come in.  A day or two advance notice makes it much more likely to be done.


**Please note that all prices listed here are for labor only, parts are not included**

Feel free to call us at 508-921-9973 or email us with any questions. You can also visit our store for a consultation.  We don't charge anything to look at your instrument and discus your options.